Tuesday, April 12, 2016


The Bible is a text book to The Kingdom of Yahuah and this kingdom is introduced slowly over time by Yahuah as He established covenants with mankind.
As these covenants progress over time we learn more and more about His kingdom through physical to spiritual parallels. So the first step in studying The Bible in order to understand The Kingdom of Yahuah is to identify the covenants through which that kingdom was revealed.
1. The Sabbath Covenant – between Yahuah and creation; it is Yahuah’s stamp over His creation as The Creator
2. The Edenic/Adamic Covenant – between Yahuah and humanity, Adam the chosen signatory
3. The Noahic Covenant – Renewed the Adamic Covenant, Noah the chosen signatory
4. The Abrahamic Covenant – between Yahuah and His chosen bloodline, Abraham the signatory
5. The Mosaic Covenant – between Yahuah and the sons of Yahuah known as Israel, Moses the chosen signatory
6. The Davidic Covenant – between Yahuah and His chosen royal bloodline, David the signatory.
7. The Renewed Mosaic Covenant (The New Covenant) – between Yahuah and His chosen REMNANT sons, Yahusha the signatory.
Each covenant building on the one before until His kingdom is fully defined physically. Then in the final 7th Covenant, YahUAh transposes that kingdom to its final spiritual reality. This is called Transposition. (A transfer of position)
Training Aids
Remember these terms as they are “keys” or training aids in studying The Kingdom of Yahuah:
Physical to spiritual parallels
Progressive Revelation/Disclosure
The Text Book
Yahuah has delivered into our hands the “text book” in the study of His kingdom. All 7 Covenants each progressively disclosing Truth over time and teaching us through physical to spiritual parallels His kingdom in detail.
That text book is The Bible and we must understand how to read it!
The Course
The Kingdom of Yahuah has always existed, in eternity past and in the eternal future. Yahuah revealing that kingdom to humanity (His sons specifically) is a process that takes time in context of a physical realm. It also requires physical bodies with which to interact with that physical realm.
Time, if fact, is just another part of that great “veil” and exists only within the context of this physical realm. There is, however, a very specific “time-frame” allotted within this physical realm whereby to teach and then transpose The Kingdom of Yahuah. That time-frame was revealed in the very first covenant… The Sabbath Covenant.
We should understand the spiritual kingdom of Yahuah at this time as we are at the end of the allotted time-frame. If we do not, we have failed in our responsibility to seek His kingdom. That is the purpose of the Bible, to clearly define that kingdom so we can move forward and understand our role in it. Then we can set about to achieve His purpose in us in this life. We can also truly fulfill The Great Commission and spread the true Gospel that The Kingdom of Yahuah is within our reach.
The Obstacle
We are all trapped in some way in the “religious system” that evolved out of Babylon that is specifically designed to:
Hide His Holy Name “Yahuah” behind the title LORD which is English for Ba’al the Babylonian sungod.
Keep us from keeping His Sabbath, the very SIGN we are His son and destroy us through keeping the Babylonian day of the sungod Ba’al. That day is Sunday worship.
Keep us from righteousness by teaching us disobedience to His Law and that His Righteousness (defined in The Law) has been abolished
Prevent us from our atonement through the true Messiah by having us put our faith in the Babylonian celebration of “Easter” instead of putting our faith in Passover.
Keep us in the highest form of idolatry by elevating an image of a man in the form of Jesus Christ (Hesus Krishna) as “God” in our hearts. Causing us to commit both The Transgression of Desolation and The Abomination of Desolation.